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As Bellevue Tax Lawyers, We Help Clients Develop Tax-Advantaged Business and Transactional Strategies, and Represent Clients in IRS and other Tax Disputes

Local, state, federal, and international tax laws are complex. We provide clients with experienced representation before tax agencies and authorities, with a focus on protecting client financial interests. Our tax planning counsel is focused on developing tax-advantaged strategies over the long-term.

Our Tax Practice

Our tax practice is headed by Mark Kimball, who has a post-doctoral L.L.M degree in taxation law from the University of Washington. We represent businesses and individuals before revenue and taxation authorities by seeking to advance their interests and advocate on behalf of their positions. Our representation includes local, state, federal, and international tax matters; including:

  • Tax planning
  • Employment taxation and planning
  • Tax Litigation in federal and state courts
  • Compliance with federal, state, and local tax laws
  • Representation involving tax audits, claims, liens and levies from the Internal Revenue Service, the Washington State Department of Revenue, the New York Department of Taxation, and the California Franchise Tax Board.

Minimizing Tax Burden and Developing Tax Advantaged Strategies for Businesses

Effective tax planning is critical for tax burden minimization. We work with businesses to identify tax savings potential in the course of ongoing operations, and with respect to transactional matters (such as acquisitions and real estate development). We take a long-term view of client businesses so that comprehensive tax strategies can be implemented based upon a company’s strategic and operational plans.

Providing Proactive Tax Counsel on Specific Matters

It is the role of the IRS and other taxing authorities to collect as much tax as is legally owed. The tax codes, however, are not always clear on how rules and regulations apply to many real world situations. The IRS and other taxing authorities have a vested interest in interpreting tax regulations in a manner designed to lead to the most tax due; taxpayers naturally have an opposing view.

When tax laws are not clear, we provide proactive advice to clients considering a particular course of action. We advise clients on the tax laws given their circumstances, and advise on tax treatment matters if an opposing view is later taken by taxing authorities.

Representing Clients in IRS and Other Tax Disputes

When the IRS or other tax authorities seek additional taxes from clients who believe that no additional taxes are due, we provide our advice on challenging such attempt for tax collection, and, if desired, we provide aggressive representation for our clients in tax court.

Bringing Extensive Experience & Knowledge to Your Tax Matters

On behalf of our clients, we have gained numerous victories in a variety of venues ranging from federal and state agency hearings to court cases involving tax law, assessments, audits, and complex litigation matters. Our case representation includes federal, state, and local tax courts, State of Washington Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service.

Client Review

“Mark Kimball, Mark Niehoff, and Greg Dumond are a pleasure to work with. Great people on all levels! Excellent customer service; fast, friendly, readily available to answer questions, and provide updates.”

Google Review 5 Stars – A.C.