Tax Planning

Whether for transactional or strategic purposes informed tax planning can greatly reduce business and personal income and other taxes.  MDK Law, and in particular attorney Mark Kimball, counsels clients in structuring business formations in ways that will be most advantageous from a tax perspective both in the present and in the future.

Decisions about how an LLC will be taxed –including S-Corporation and other options—are critical to net revenue production.  Similarly, when business assets are sold or transferred an attorney who is experienced with planning to minimize Section 1245 and Section 1250 income is also important.  Mergers and acquisitions can also be structured as tax-free transactions.

In the realm of real estate, MDK Law is experienced in 1031 transactions, involving both real property and chattel assets. But careful adherence to statutory requirements is critical as failure to observe such requirements may result in the unintended failure of a 1031 exchange.

With regard to judgments and recoveries through litigation, how findings of fact and conclusions of law are framed can have a major effect of how or whether the judgment is taxed.  Mark Kimball brings more than 32 years of experience to these and other legal decisions, and the firm contains the expertise and bandwidth to effectively manage tax issues and transactions; even our paralegals hold Bachelor’s or Master’s Degrees in business.