Bellevue Construction Dispute Lawyers – When Construction Disputes Arise, We Help Clients Seek Positive Resolutions

Contractor disputes can result in the loss of business opportunities, deterioration of property values, revenue declines, schedule delays, and budget overruns.

When contractor disputes arise, we focus on early efforts to resolve disputes. Our clients include contractors, real estate developers, property management companies, investors, suppliers, residential and commercial property owners, and other real estate professionals.

Types of Construction Disputes

Types of construction disputes may include:

  • Lien disputes
  • Disputes involving change orders
  • Disputes involving site conditions
  • Supplier delays or failures to provide
  • Contractor delays and work stoppage
  • Material defects
  • Construction defects
  • Non-payment
  • Contractual obligation conflicts
  • Sub-contractor vs. contractor disputes
  • Bonds and performance guaranties

The Remedies We Provide

In construction projects, time is critical. Delays, work stoppage, liens, and defects are examples of matters in which immediate action is necessary.

If these or other matters are affecting you or your company, please call us so that we can learn about your matter and advise you of what legal action can be taken immediately in order to protect your rights.