Our Appellate Advocacy Practice

Quality appellate advocacy begins long before a party files its Notice of Appeal.  At MDK Law, its litigation team monitors and flags issues that should be reserved for appeal, should the need to seek determination from a higher court become necessary.  With more than thirty years’ experience in successful appellate work, Mark Kimball and MDK Law’s appellate practice has a history of practical and creative representation that has both rectified clients’ losses and affirmed clients’ victories.  MDK Law’s appellate practice has represented clients on a variety of legal issues ranging from issues related to contract formation, when a tax assessment becomes final for statute of limitation purposes, to whether view easements are preserved after merger of properties and the boundaries of the public duty doctrine for tort claims against public officials.

Contact MDK Law to determine whether issues that could give rise to a viable appeal have been preserved and whether MDK Law can help you achieve a desirable outcome before an appellate court.