Building a viable business takes hard work and success rarely occurs overnight. Despite your best efforts, your business can be vulnerable to disputes which arise during the ordinary course of business. Business disputes can rapidly erode your company profits and goodwill. Disputes can quickly grow beyond your control and threaten the short and long term viability of your company. Business dissolution may become problematic, an unsatisfied client may damage your reputation, a vendor dispute may escalate into costly litigation or a multitude of other situations can arise without warning.

When a business dispute becomes unmanageable or you need assistance navigating a legal situation, the experienced business Attorneys at MDK Law can provide reliable counsel. MDK Law will provide strategic advice and quickly establish dialogue with appropriate parties to efficiently resolve conflicts. In the event that a dispute cannot be resolved through dialogue, our litigation and arbitration team at MDK Law can assess the strength of your case and shepherd it through the appropriate court system. Our litigators can provide adept representation in a cost effective manner. Many times conflicts can be quickly resolved through arbitration or mediation. MDK Law has excellent relations with the best mediation and arbitration organizations in Washington. These strong relationships provide you with another channel to fairly resolve your dispute in a cost effective way.