Paulo Santos AlvesPaulo Santos Alve performs paralegal work and provides assistance to attorneys and staff, often performing a variety of tasks to support the firm’s growing number of clients. His educational background allows him to perform research for the firm’s client matters, beyond the traditional confines of legal research. Furthermore, Paulo works on the firm’s billing and accounting departments, and excels at client management and engaging with existing and potential new clients on a daily basis. He recently earned his Master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Seattle University, and as part that he worked as a Teaching Assistant for Elaine Gunnison, PhD on Winter, 2022. Paulo was also a participant in Seattle University’s inaugural Racial Summit in 2021, where he was able to talk to Michelle Alexander – famous author of The New Jim Crowe. He earned his B.A. from the University of Washington, double majoring in Law, Societies, Justice and Sociology. He is a member of the United Chapters of Alpha Kappa Delta International Sociology Honor Society, and received their certificate of membership upon graduation in 2017.

Paulo has worked in the legal field for over 6 years, with prior experience working for another firm in Downtown Seattle. Paulo is a native of Salvador, Brazil, speaks fluent Portuguese, and periodically enjoys a visit back to Brazil to see his family.  In his spare time, Paulo can be found riding his bike around Redmond, upgrading his computer hardware, and enjoying walks around Redmond Ridge.