Seattle-Area Contract Lawyers: Protecting Client Interests and Minimizing Risk

In business transactions, having experienced business counsel can make a tremendous difference – not only in promoting a smooth and timely completion of the transaction, but importantly in protecting client interests to the extent possible against a multitude of potential adverse events and matters.

  • We have the transactional experience that our clients value.
  • We provide clients with strategic counsel and insightful solutions.
  • We build client relationships and provide effective counsel and support. 

What We Do

Contracts are at the core of business operations, often covering matters such as work to be performed, goods to be delivered, and goals to be achieved. When contract terms are vague, missing, or breached, businesses and individuals face uncertainty and adverse operational exposure.

For over three decades our team has been assisting business clients through a wide range of contract matters. We commonly represent clients in real estate, construction, non-compete, sales, lease, franchise, and similar agreements.

We work with clients to identify risk exposure, negotiate and draft contracts around minimizing such exposure, ensure legal compliance, and create contracts that contain clear language concerning the obligations of the parties.

When a breach of contract is alleged, we represent clients in protecting and advancing their interests. Often the best course of action is to seek a favorable resolution through negotiation, but if an acceptable resolution cannot be obtained, as trial attorneys we are skilled in litigation and the presentation of our client’s case to mediators, arbitrators, judges and juries.

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