Attorneys Mark D. Kimball and Mary K. Thurston secured a significant victory in federal court in early June of this year when their motion for summary judgment was granted, in part, dismissing all individual claims against their client for damages in excess of $18,000,000.00. The federal suit alleged that numerous parties had engaged in a fraudulent scheme involving many countries to defraud a factoring company of over $18,000,000.00, beginning in 2010. In dismissing the claims against MDK Law’s client, the court noted that MDK Law established that there was inadequate evidence to connect their client to the purported acts. In defense of their client, Mr. Kimball and Ms. Thurston successfully had the district court strike large portions of the evidence the plaintiffs had brought in opposition to the motion. However, the Court noted, “[e]ven if the Court were to consider the Exhibits stricken above, they would produce no more than a “mere scintilla” of evidence, insufficient to prevent summary judgment.”

Mark Kimball holds an advanced LL.M. degree,has been practicing law for more than thirty years and is the founder of MDK Law, a top-rated business, litigation and tax firm located in Bellevue, Washington. Mary Thurston works with others in the firm on complex litigation, both in Washington and California state and federal courts.

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