This October Mark D. Kimball will be teaching a two week intensive course at the University of Szeged in Hungary titled “Doing Business in the United States: Drafting Legal Documents”. Information regarding the program can be found here. This is the fourth year that Mark Kimball has taught classes at a European based university. Typically classes are comprised of students from the European Union, Asia, and Australia. Brandon Wayman and Joel Murray are each spending one week serving as Mark’s teacher’s assistant.

Beyond the fact that teaching in Europe allows Mark Kimball to travel to the continent yearly, Mark enjoys teaching U.S. corporate law to foreign law students because it gives him the opportunity to examine the U.S. corporate law from the perspective of a foreign national. This intellectual exercise allows him to serve international clients more effectively and gives him the tools to educate MDK Law’s international clients on the peculiarities of corporate structures in the U.S. in a manner they can understand.


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