At the request of the Seattle Times, Mark D. Kimball reviewed an easement in order to provide the newspaper with a quote about the development of a pot farm on San Juan Island and a dispute as to whether the pot farm can use an access easement for the production of cannabis. The central issue of the dispute is whether an easement that historically allowed for agricultural use can be used in relation to a pot farm operation or whether cannabis manufacturing would constitute an improper change of use of the easement. Historically the easement had been used for traditional agricultural activities such as horses and cattle. However, once the farmer sought to place two green houses on a small portion of the land, the owners of the subservient properties objected. The Seattle Times article in which Mark Kimball is quoted can be found here. Additional information regarding the dispute on San Juan Island (which has caused an uncharacteristic tension among the island’s residents) can be found here and here.

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